Quick List of edible and non edible (poisonous) plants for goats

Due to the intense vulgar, crude, vicious negativity on my personal email account regarding this post, the post has been removed.


I am sorry for having to delete an article that was based on fact, and research not only by me, but by countless others who’s names were credited at the end of the article. To them, I offer my personal thanks for keeping my herd alive and well, and to those who have had issues in their own flocks, my only advice is to use a livestock qualified veterinarian to either treat your animals before it is too late to do so, or spend the money to have a necropsy done so that you don’t dwell on supposition that may or may not be fact. When a farmer takes on raising livestock, they are obligated to provide the best of care to those animals. They are living, breathing beings who fill our hearts and our pastures giving us food, financial security and enjoyment in the process. We do at our farm, costly as it may be, to ensure that our herds and flocks are well fed, well housed, and cared for with the same compassion and concern as we would have for ourselves.


Unforeseen things happen, but one simply cannot blame a writer who has shared their time and resources, for misfortune that they themselves encounter. There is no blame and there should not be harsh words to another person, period…for anything…ever.


With that, when I have time to return to blogging, uplifting, constructive and pleasantry is always appreciated.  If that can’t be the case, since this world is so full of hate,  please don’t bother to send negativity, vulgarity or crudeness. Instead, I will pray for you as those comments cannot and will not be published.




9 thoughts on “Quick List of edible and non edible (poisonous) plants for goats

  1. Sir can gulmohar tree leaves & beans can be given as green feed

    • Tushar,
      No, gulmohar most definitely is toxic, even in the smallest amounts. This is not a plant indigenous to the mainland United States so I had to research for an answer to your question. It is found primarily in India.

      Thank you for your question.

  2. Is the Cassia with yellow flowers edible for goats?

    • Elke, If you have a photo of the cassia plant you are referring to, it would be more helpful. Cassia Occidentalis, aka Coffee Senna, is extremely toxic for most animals. Do you have a scientific name for the plant you are referring to?

      Thank you,

  3. Can you please clarify which you have fed your goats that are safe. There seems to be many on your list that I have seen as toxic on other lists. And I don’t see a defined toxic list. Thank you.

    • Lisa, If you’ll be kind enough to scroll down to the bottom of the list, you will see a defined list of those plants that, through research, were identified as toxic to goats. To answer your question about which ones I’ve fed my goats, mine are free range on a small farm that is fenced. We have a great many of those that are listed on the non-toxic list that they eat. I cannot give you an exact list of what they ate or didn’t eat. I do, however, make frequent rounds on the premises and remove those that I identify as armful to my animals. We have fenced the vegetable garden and my front yard herb garden to prevent them from wandering in and decimating those. I also have fenced in…the area which we’ve sectioned off as a “front yard” with a decorative fence that the goats can’t get over or through. That’s done mostly because we have azaleas growing there that are extremely toxic to our goats. None of the other animals (chickens, guineas, etc.) bother the flowers or herbs, but we have to take additional steps to keep the goats free from harm.

      I don’t know what sources you’ve read regarding plant toxicity or acceptability for goats, but you are free to use the resource list that I have credited at the bottom of the page to further your research. These resources are credible…from those who have extensive knowledge about raising goats.

      Thank you for your question.

  4. Dear Candy I am new to the goat thing and I had you wonderful list of editable and non editable items but the lust has been removed could you please email the list to me so I can have refer to it. Thank you Dawn

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