Those who never…

Those who never sink into this peace of nature, lose a tremendous well of strength, for there is something healing and life giving in the mere atmosphere surrounding a country house. …Eleanor Roosevelt

And how true this is. For those of us who were blessed to have parents or grandparents who lived in the country, the smells emanating from the homestead, the freshly baked bread, or the apple pies sitting in the windowsill to cool, the smell and taste of warm, fresh milk straight from the cow, the delight of grandma’s rose bush by the back door, or the sweet smell of the Cashmere Bouquet Powder that grandma or mom used…how reminiscent of love and peace those bring. Catching fireflies at night and putting them in a mason jar, pretending that they were your lantern. rolling down the haystacks, exploring the barn to see what treasures you could find, or actually finding oval treasures of eggs under the hens in the chicken coop. Chasing dust devils in the summer heat then washing off the dust with a quick swim in the pond or stream on the farm.  Being able to listen to the sounds of the roosters crowing, the cows bellowing, even the bullfrogs calling their mates.  Green and red tractors, plows, hay bales in the fields, the striped engineer hats that grandpa wore. What joyous times those thoughts evoke.

I visited my grandmother’s old farmstead in Daviess County Missouri with a childhood friend about three years ago. As we reminisced the fun we had rolling down a large hill in grandma’s side yard, we walked over to look at it. The “hill” was no longer than 3 feet long, enough for us to maybe have 3 or 4 revolutions down it, but, at the time, it seemed like rolling down Mount Everest. We laughed about my inability to jump on top of the propane tank to be king of the hill. We walked across the road to where he grew up. Fifty years later, I still couldn’t jump on top of the propane tank, but he could.

No, there’s nothing like the peace and serenity of a country home. It’s a place where you can walk outside at night and look at a clear moon and see the stars without having to search for them through city smog and haze. It’s a place where hearts met, loved and were loved in return. Country is home, no matter where you hang your hat.